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  • Public sector staff could face prison following Rotherham sex abuse report

    The “whole system is rotten” says senior social worker Plans announced by David Cameron to imprison public sector workers if they fail to inform police of child sex abuse are unworkable, it is claimed. The announcement comes in the wake of… Read More ›

  • Protest fears after homeless man killed by LAPD


    America is bracing itself for protests following the fatal shooting of a homeless man, by police, in downtown Los Angeles yesterday. The incident, recorded by a member of the public, took place at 12:36am (Pacific Standard Time) after police arrived to an altercation between two men…. Read More ›

  • Climate change is ‘snow joke’ to Slippin’ Jimmy Inhofe


    Climate change deniers and Fox News believers everywhere heaved a massive sigh of relief after Senator James Inhofe debunked global warming by proving that it sometimes snows in some places at certain times of the year. To drive home his point the Senator… Read More ›