Katie Hopkins students hop it

Katie Hopkins left in tears by students

drowned infant on Turkish beach

Controversial tabloid columnist, Katie Hopkins, was left “shaken and embarrassed” when students of Brunel University, Uxbridge, turned their backs on her before walking out of the lecture hall, where she had been booked to speak.

Hopkins, known for her extreme right wing views, came to prominence after failing to attend the final of Alan Sugar’s hit BBC game show, The Apprentice, citing child care issues.

After repeatedly courting controversy lower middle class Hopkins, daughter of an electrician, finally gained public recognition following the death of an infant.

Three year old, Aylan Kurdi,  believed to be part of a family fleeing Islamic State (Isis) death squads in Syria, was found on a Turkish beach following a tragic attempt at crossing the Aegean straight to the Greek island of Kos.


Ms Hopkins, dubbed “a pound shop Jade Goodie,” had referred to kids like Aylan as “cockroaches” and “feral humans,” immediately prior to death of the three year old (above).

Said Hopkins: “Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants.”

Booked to speak at Brunel University, Katie Hopkins was said to have been left “shuddering with shock and despair” when students turned their backs in disgust before walking out, en masse, from the lecture hall.

One student, who asked not to be named due to fear of reprisals from Islamic State terrorists or “British EDL terrorists” said: “Katie Hopkins was clearly shaken by the incident.

“One minute she was looking all smug, and the next she was in tears.”

Hopkins, who was recently accused of staging an accident in which she “smashed up her face” for publicity, was unavailable for comment today.


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  1. It later became clear that the father of Aylan Kurdi was probably one of the people smugglers responsible for his son’s death, and it also became evident that the body of Aylan Kurdi was taken from where it had been taken to be be laid on the beach face down to make a more emotive photo.

    Also, the whole family were safe and sound from any threat of violence for two years before attempting the boat trip to Greece, so they weren’t refugees at all – they were economic migrants.

    Still, attempting to better the work prospects of your family is something I’d want to do myself, but not if I had to risk their lives to do it.

    Katie Hopkins has views which aren’t exactly popular, so the students should have challenged these views with rational arguments.

    The fact they all walked out rather than argue their case just made them look pretty pretty pathetic, though students and student unions have made some pretty pathetic decisions recently so it’s not unexpected.


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