Campbell in a spin over Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn and Alistair Campbell

Is Campbell coming unspun?

What’s he got to hide?

Former New Labour head of communications, Alistair Campbellhas weighed in against Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, despite having previously indicated he would not intervene.

Campbell, in a recent blog post, wrote: “Whatever the niceness and the current warm glow, Corbyn will be a leader of the hard left, for the hard left, and espousing both general politics and specific positions that the public just are not going to accept in many of the seats that Labour is going to have to win to get back in power.”

Sounding as though he is talking about some kind of “known unknown,” he then confusingly tells us that the Labour back bencher is an: “OK guy, a good MP, and his stance clearly chimes with many people’s views of anti-austerity.” Erm….hello.  Earth to Campbell?

All of which has British people wondering just what the hell is going on.

Despite almost universal head scratching, this sudden interest by the man best known for his notorious 2003 “dodgy dossier,” calling for war with Iraq, has left people on social media wondering just what is he afraid of.

Has the formerly depressed alcoholic and one time political editor of the Daily Mirror compiled another dossier, detailing evidence that Corbyn is developing nuclear weapons in his shed, asked one Facebook wag this week.

It all sounds like fun and games, but with mounting speculation that Tony Blair is terrified of what may happen should the long delayed Chilcot Report ever see the light of day, Campbell’s input – if not hard evidence of a “smoking gun” – looks to many, at the very least, like powder burns on the sleeve.

Hypocritical back stabbing

Putting that aside, however; and putting aside also Labour MP Simon Danczuk’s recent hysterical rant threatening some kind of coup d’etat within the party should Corbyn win (he’s the one who looks like a bent copper from The Bill, for those not familiar), the current headless chicken routine serves only to confirm what people have long suspected – that the current Labour party is no longer fit for purpose.

It could well be this that is fuelling Corbyn’s meteoric rise.

What Campbell, Blair, Danczuk and others seem to be missing is that this type of hypocritical backstabbing, where a long term and highly respected Labour MP is attacked on all sides by his parliamentary colleagues, is partly why the opposition has fallen so far from favour in terms of its core support.

If Corbyn is such a danger, people are asking, then why has he not long since been ejected from the party?

If, on the other hand, he is good enough an MP to help govern the world’s seventh largest economy, why is he not good enough to lead?  Questions, questions.

With every attack, be it from Tony Blair (whose own credibility has long been in tatters), or his sidekick and mouthpiece Alistair Campbell, Corbyn’s support only seems to swell.

Labour MP

He fell down some stairs Yer’Onour

What kind of political party refuses new membership?

Each and every time those, now widely referred to across the UK as “Red Tories,” open their mouths to attack this humble and hard working public servant, more and more people sign up to vote him in as party leader.

All of which only helps to reinforce the notion, long held by ordinary British people, that politicians on both sides of the parliamentary divide are completely out of touch with those they claim to serve.

As if that weren’t bad enough Mr Campbell was reported by the Independent this week, encouraging people to spend £3 to join the Labour party, for no other reason than to vote against Corbyn.

This comes on the back of Labour denying entry to potentially thousands of new members who, it is claimed, only want to join so that they can vote for Corbyn.

 The current Labour party is not fit for purpose

Little wonder then that people are confused; here is a party on the ropes refusing new members  inspired by a dedicated and long standing member of the party itself.  What kind of political party refuses new membership?  It almost defies belief.

For the first time in a generation people have become so excited by a British politician that they are not only voting with their feet, but putting their hands into near empty pockets in order to do so.  And Labour are turning them away because, it is claimed, they do not agree with Labour values.  Sorry, what?  Is this thing on?

When Labour turn away such luminaries of the Left as film maker and director Ken Loach – who recently compared Corbyn to Labour Party legend Aneurin Bevan,reports the Huffington Post – along with internationally renowned British comedian, Mark Steel, there is clearly something very wrong.

Based upon these mysterious and baffling Labour party values Mr Bevan himself might well have been refused entry and Tony Benn wouldn’t have gotten a look in.

It seems then that Labour need to produce some kind of document clearly stating what its values actually are.

Tony Benn wouldn’t have gotten a look in

I was raised in a Labour family and was led to believe the party’s values were, oh I dunno… representing the working class in parliament? Controlling the means of production in order that working people wouldn’t fall victim to private interests (zero hour contracts, anyone)?

Or maintaining a welfare state that helps the poor when they fall victim to economic woes not of their making, rather than victimising them when politicians allow bankers, big business and dodgy accounting to tank the economy by fiddling Libor rates and shorting the subprime market?

Oh, and of course, ensuring that Britain continues to lead the world with a nationalised health service which ensures the best medical treatment available anywhere remains free at the point of use.  These, among others, were Labour party values.

All of this was before Mr Blair, former Peace Envoy to the formerly and comparatively peaceful Middle East (before he helped destabilise the entire region, making Baghdad almost as dangerous Los Angeles County) did away with Clause IV and changed Labour core values into something more akin to Conservative core values.

Fiddling Libor and shorting the subprime market

Well, guess what?  It would seem the British working class would rather he hadn’t, because since that day the Labour party has been losing support faster than the Conservative government can lose a billion quid selling a bank that it doesn’t own.

Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, known to be one of the lowest expenses claimants in parliament and a man who regularly uses public transport to get to work, appears to embody the values of a pre-Blair Labour party.

For those too young to remember, that was a party which didn’t do back-room deals with the likes of Rupert Murdoch, or blindly follow coke snorting, alcoholic, born again US Republicans into illegal wars where innocent people are detained at black sites and tortured just for the holy heck of it.


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Watch this space for comment from our US correspondent, Ian McKay, on America’s own Democratic hope, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

For more information on Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for Labour leader, visit twitter @JeremyCorbyn4Leader




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