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Grant Shapps only guilty of “over firmly” denying not being guilty

British Conservative MP as Michael Green

MP Grant Shapps as Mr Green

CONSERVATIVE chairman, Grant Shapps, absolutely did not spend the last three years vehemently denying having a second job under a fake name while acting as an MP…..he just got his dates mixed up.

Due to this mix up Shapps, AKA Michael Green, then accidentally continued making millions from internet based “get rich quick” marketing schemes while threatening to sue anybody who said different.

According to Prime Minister, David Cameron, he has done the right thing by admitting his “mistake”.

Personally, had it been me under fire over a period of years for allegedly being up to serious no good, I would have checked my diary…..


Vladimir Putin fingers the red button

Nuclear missle

Nuclear deterrent

RUSSIAN oligarch, Vladimir Putin, has said in a Russian state TV documentary that he was ready to arm nuclear weapons during the annexation of the Black Sea peninsula.

Putin also said that the ousting of democratically elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was a “coup” which was “masterminded by our American friends.”

The claims will doubtless leave many people sceptical that America, the very bastion of peace, freedom and democracy would ever think of such a thing.

Not after Syria, 1949; Iran, 1953; Guatamala, 1954; Tibet, 1955-1970; Indonesia, 1958; Cuba, 1959; Iraq 1960-1963; Democratic Republic of Congo, 1960-1965; Dominican Republic, 1961; South Vietnam, 1963; Brazil, 1964; Ghana, 1966; Chile, 1970-1973; Argentina, 1976; Afghanistan, 1979-1989; Turkey, 1980; Poland, 1980-1989; Nicaragua, 1981-1990; Iraq 1992-1996; Venezuela, 2002; Iran, 2005-Present and Syria, 2012-Present.

As if!

One Israeli, one vote

IN ISRAEL Benjamin Netanyahu limped home to secure another tenure as Prime Minister after those who could vote, did.

In a week of frantic campaigning, involving allegedly racist comments about Arab citizens, Mr Neanyahu’s Likud party managed to win the election despite around 4.5 million Palestinians being unable to vote.

Had Palestinians been able to vote in the election it is doubtful they would have had the energy to make to the polling stations anyway. According to a report in The Independent it is alleged that the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) strictly controls the amount of calories entering Gaza.

Sometimes you can’t do right for doing wrong.

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