Sack Clarkson petition gains momentum


BBC presenter, Jeremy Clarkson

Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson

A petition hosted by campaigning website is calling for television presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, to be sacked following his suspension from the BBC earlier this week.

The opinionated host of flagship motor show, Top Gear, is alleged to have punched a producer upon discovering that hot food was unavailable following a day of filming.

Clarkson, who in 2013 became one of the highest paid presenters in the corporations history, has long been the subject of controversy due to various incidents of alleged racism.

In 2011 the BBC was forced to apologise to Mexico after Clarkson and colleagues referred to the Mexican people as “lazy” and “feckless”.

In 2014, while filming in Burma, he used the derogatory and racist term “slope” in apparent reference to a local man.

Again in 2014 the BBC had to abandon filming in Argentina after a reference to the Falklands conflict caused angry protests.

Reece Williams, of Manchester, UK, who began the petition, said: “Jeremy Clarkson has proved himself to be a deplorable man. His employment with the BBC is funded through licence fees paid by the general public.

Referring to the incident in May, 2014, when Clarkson was heard to use the word “nigger” while filming an episode of Top Gear, Williams said: “Clarkson’s use of the N-word is extremely offensive to a considerable number of the general public.

“The BBC is obliged to give due regard to fostering diversity of all kinds (racial, sexual orientation, gender, disability etc) in the organisation.”

Support for the petition, which currently has over 6000 signatures, is flooding in from around the world.

Bryann Levinge, of Freeport in the Philippines, said:  “Clarkson is a racist, bigot, sexist and should certainly not be employed by a publlc broadcaster,” while Natascha Wolf, of Bristol, said: “As a BBC license fee payer I have no wish to be funding even a fraction of Jeremy Clarkson’s over inflated wages.

“He has proved himself time and time again to be a bigot. My only surprise is that he’s not running for UKIP.”

Since his suspension Clarkson has found support from Prime Minister, David Cameron, who said that his children love Top Gear.



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